New Age, Digital Age

Since the 1970’s our economy has grown and evolved due to an increase in technology available. As times change, so does the urgency of technological growth and expansion. With the internet now available at the click of our fingers, it is important for business owners to stay up to date on all things digital.

The digital era is the new era characterized by an increase in the speed of knowledge transferred digitally through technology. As technology grows so do the abilities it has to make our business grow.

The internet can be used in two ways for a business; building an online presence and selling their products digitally.

  1. Maintaining an online presence.

    In our last blog, “The Top 3 Ways to Boost Online Business Traction”, we discussed the importance in having a well branded online presence. An online presence is a digital presence through a website and any other social media outlets. It is important for these to be similar as well as different. The overall look must remain consistent with the information differing on each account. Also, the content must be unique, relevant, and pertinent. This makes your brand unified while also directing traffic to each site for different content. Each click from page to page boosts SEO and makes your business appear higher in Google. One big thing about this is that all sites featuring your business must be easy for the customer to use or they will stray towards a brand with simpler technology. Customers like easy, customers like beautiful, and most of all customers like simple. These are three key traits to any branding. Customers want to feel familiar with the brand they are using and be able to use it repeatedly because it is easy and convenient.

  2. Offering customers the ability to shop online.                                                                

    Letting your customers shop online is the best way to build business net income. When your customers buy your products without going to a store or dealing with an employee, they will buy more product. “Online shopping retail sales are predicted to grow steadily to $370 billion in 2017, up from $231 billion in 2012,” according to Giselle Abramovich, If it isn’t easy to shop from your company’s website, those customers will shop somewhere else. With an increase happening in online shopping each year, it’s important to make it easy to shop from your website. Instagram and Facebook now offer business pages, where you can sponsor ads for your products enabling a better chance at hitting your target audience. Your business will easily see more traction if your social media pages are interactive, have the same look as your brand, and direct those customers to your website to purchase your products.

Drawing customers to your web page is important; getting them to shop from your web page is even more important. Customers who come to your page for content but end up spending money is the goal. You want customers to regularly check your website for content, but also regularly spend money.

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