The Digital Age: Are Touch Screen Tablets Replacing Menus?

It’s nothing new, technology continues to grow and evolve. After a rise in smartphones, touch screen tablets, and online web presence, technology has now made it’s way to restaurant tables.  We never know what comes next so it’s no surprise that touch screen tablets are replacing menus in many restaurants.

Originally, tablets became a way of ordering when they were offered to waiters to take orders instead of writing those orders on paper. This streamlined their jobs and made it easier for waiters to take orders. They tapped a button on the tablets and that order was placed, saving many order mess ups and making things go by quicker.

Shortly after restaurants saw a rise in tablets being used to take orders, they were introduced to the restaurant patrons to take their order from the table. This eliminated the need for a waiter taking orders because orders could be made on the tablets. Eventually, these tablets grew to also offer customer entertainment.

“Customers will be able to browse the food menu and place their order which eventually gets posted in the kitchen display console. That’s the core functionality. But there are other extended features:

Customize: Monteko of Stacked Restaurants says that 95% of diners customize their orders.

Visualize: Pictures and detailed descriptions of the food item can be shown. How many times have you read a food item (say ‘Death By Chocolate’, a dessert dish) and wondered “how does this dish look?”

Engage (and Earn): Restaurants can engage the customers by offering a lot of innovative features in the tablet, such as social media connections.”

According to Karthick Prabu on, these tablets will offer entertainment for the guests, a look at the menu, a point of sale system for the patrons to pay for their orders, and communication among families and other restaurant patrons.

On these tablets, you can place an order and play games while you wait for your order to arrive.

The tablets we offer at Tablio are similar but different. Ours are free for the customers to use, display restaurant menus, and display digital banners of other local businesses. The tablets we offer do not have a point of sale system and we feel this is a good thing. The tablets don’t cost any money to use meaning they will see more use. It’s beneficial for our clients who advertise with us on these tablets because they see more use than the tablets that cost money for patrons.

Prabu also says, “Overall, tablet-based menus are a good change in the restaurant industry. But, replacing the entire waiter crew with only tablets is going to haunt the restaurant. We predict that a mix of both is going to work in the restaurant industry,” on

Our tablets don’t have a point of sale system, so the communication with waiters will still be there. As Prabu said, tablet-based menus should not replace the entire waiter crew. Ours allow for a look at the menu and customer entertainment while still pushing towards human interaction in placing an order.
Together, we help local restaurants, local customers, and local businesses come together by using technology similar to that which is taking over bigger chain restaurants.

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