KC Yenne: Top Salesperson of Winter Quarter

KC Yenne, sales associate since mid-December 2016, was our top selling salesperson of the Winter Quarter. KC began his career as a salesperson shortly after the start of the winter sales quarter and he came out on top.


KC had no experience in sales previously, except a few years selling jewelry and electronics at the age of fifteen and sixteen. He had been working in the food industry since the age of seventeen. Before joining Tablio to pursue sales, he worked as a restaurant manager consulting with multiple restaurants. His main job was to help unsuccessful restaurants with new bar menus, tips to better their work, and get them to a profitable state.

“I was looking for a change and wanted to see what was out there so I decided to take a shot and see if it worked for me,” said KC, on why he decided to pursue sales.

Sales did work for KC when he quickly became the highest earning salesperson the first quarter he started.

At Tablio, every employee has a “Z”, or an end goal. For KC, his “Z” is to provide for his family. He wants to make sure his family is happy and secure. Working in sales gives him the freedom and time he needs to maintain great relationships with his wife and their daughter. In the restaurant industry, KC had to work nights and weekends which took away from his quality family time. Working weekdays gives him the time he needs to have a quality relationship with them. Being the highest earning salesperson at Tablio last quarter gave KC the ability to spend money and time on his family without worrying about anything.

Tablio is all about helping their employees reach their “Z”, whether it be owning their own business one day or providing for their families. The option is there to succeed, each salesperson just has to work hard to achieve it. That is something KC definitely used to his advantage through hard work and determination.

When asked what he feels contributed to his rapid success as a salesperson, KC said, “The ability to talk to people how I want to be talked to. I’d rather have a conversation than a sales pitch.”

KC’s past experience as a restaurant manager meant he got sales calls multiple times a day. He used this to his benefit when he ventured into a sales career. He thought about how he had wanted to be talked to when he was previously a restaurant manager and chose to talk to people that way instead of pitching them. He builds relationships instead of trying to sell products and it works for him.

KC’s advice for fellow salesmen is, “Find who you are as a salesperson, don’t try to make yourself like someone else. Educate yourself. What works for you doesn’t always work for others. What works for others doesn’t always work for you. And don’t let the word no discourage you.”

KC is right. Not every salesman is the same. Each salesperson has their strategy that works for them. The point is to keep working until you find what works for you, and never give up along the way.

Welcome to Tablio KC! We’re so excited to see you succeed in your newly began career in sales, and are so happy we get to be a part of it. Congrats!

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