Now Offering: Google AdWords

Tablio is very excited to now be offering Google AdWords. This is exciting for us because we now have another way to help local businesses gain more traction!

Our main job at Tablio is to help brand and promote local businesses all over North America. We aim to get the word out about all of our clients, and the introduction of Google AdWords is the next big thing for us.

With Google AdWords, we won’t only be able to help brand your local business on our touch screen tablets but also right in Google search.

Google AdWords is a great way to to get more brand recognition on Google. Using AdWords ranks your business higher in their search pages.

“Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer.” – Google

Google AdWords is a bit of a confusing concept; the main idea is that each click brings you closer to your goal of building your business. Working with us to handle your Google AdWords will give you the return on your investment you need. We help figure out your main goal and use Google AdWords to work towards that.

The first step in a Google AdWords campaign is to create a goal that you are going to use Google AdWords to work towards. This goal will be the main thing you get out of using Google AdWords, it could be more online sales, higher lead generation, or a bigger online following.

After your goal is set, we’ll handle all of your research. There are three types of research to be conducted; keyword research, competitive research, and audience research. It is important to know the best keywords for your target audience, because these are the words you will use in Google AdWords. Then, it is important to do competitive research, this will let you see how well your competitors are doing so you can do better. Finally, it is important to do audience research, this gives you the best idea of what your audience is looking for when they search for your business.

After we’ve handled your research, we need to take a look at your landing page. The landing page is the most important part of Google AdWords. If your ad links to a low end landing page, or a landing page that takes too long to load, it’s a waste of a click.

Once you have your research done and your landing page perfected, the Google AdWords creation will begin. Google AdWords are keywords used in your ad that your potential customers are using when they search for businesses like yours. Initially, it is best to start out with five to ten so you can see which words work best.

Through continuous research of how well those five to ten keywords are doing, we can narrow the Google AdWords needed to reach your specific target audience. We can also create groups of AdWords used together to make your business appear in more specific searches.
Overtime, Google AdWords will give your business a higher placement in Google, bringing more traction and branding to your business.

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