Yelp Reviews – How Much Do They Really Affect Your Business?

Everyone knows about Yelp. It’s the place customers go to rave about an amazing experience or inform of a bad one. It’s the place we look for reviews before trying a new place. Yelp is where businesses are “graded” on how well they are at doing business, but how much does Yelp really affect a business’s revenue?

We live in a digital age, where people have instant access to leave a review of whether or not they were satisfied with their experience with a business. Potential customers have instant access to read other customer’s reviews of their experience and decide if they want to support your business based off reviews read. A study done by, says that 92% of business consumers read online reviews, with star rating being the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business.

Should Your Business Have A Yelp Page?

Every business should have a Yelp page. Yelp is an important tool for any business because it puts your business on the radar. If your business doesn’t have a Yelp page, many potential customers won’t have any idea your business exists. And if they do know your business exists, they have no previous reviews to base their interest in your business off of. With a Yelp page, a business can promote themselves using Yelp advertisements, as well as use 5-star reviews to gain interest from potential customers. A Yelp page is a great place for any business to show off how well they exceed in customer service and customer satisfaction. It’s also an excellent way for your current customers to do free marketing for you.

How Often Do Customers Use Yelp to Write Reviews?

According to a study done by,, seven out of ten customers will write a review of a business when asked. Another study done by, says that “58% of consumers said they have recently (within the past five years) began leaving more and more online reviews based upon customer service.” Over half of all customers leave yelp reviews based on customer service. It’s important to handle each customer quickly, kindly, and proactively, because these situations are what potential customers base their interest on. It is more common that bad reviews are left than good reviews, so making sure that customers don’t have bad interactions with your business is a key determinant on how many reviews are left on your business’s Yelp page.

Good Reviews vs. Bad Reviews: Which Are More Common?

Just like anything in life, people are more inclined to comment on the bad before the good. More customers leave bad reviews than they do good ones. A study done by showed that customers with a negative experience were “52% more likely to share it on an online review site such as Yelp,” than they were to share a positive experience. Over half of all reviews left are negative, so getting good reviews is critical for any business.

How Do You Overcome Bad Yelp Reviews?

Almost every business has at least one bad Yelp review. You just can’t make everyone happy, it’s not possible. So how do you overcome bad Yelp reviews? The best thing you can do is to reply and address the issue mentioned. “ If a business resolves its issue quickly and efficiently, 95% of unhappy customers returns back to your business,” according to Reaching out to all unhappy customers is the best way to regain those customers business, and possibly get those bad Yelp reviews removed. It’s important to fix any mistakes that may have led to a bad Yelp review by reaching out to that unhappy customer and turning the situation around. Another way to gain positive Yelp reviews is to ask for them. While Yelp does not allow for a business to ask for Yelp reviews by offering cash or service benefits in return, Yelp does allow for a business to ask for Yelp reviews from customers they have a great connection with. Any time a customer has an outstanding experience with your business, ask them to write a Yelp review stating how happy they are. These positive reviews will shortly outnumber the bad. Resolving the bad, and promoting the good, will create a great platform showcasing the excellent customer service and satisfaction your business has.

Yelp is essential to every business. Avoiding bad reviews is nearly impossible, but turning them around is simple. Providing excellent customer service, asking for positive reviews after building connections, and reaching out to customers who leave bad reviews are the three best ways to use Yelp to gain more business revenue.

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