Return on Investment: Real Estate Agents

A return on investment is the amount you profit or lose based on an investment and the money initially spent on that investment. It is important that every investment a business makes be profitable. If you are spending time or money on something, it should create a gain in money or time later.

We see a very high return on investment for real estate agents that use our products to market themselves locally.

The benefits for real estate agents using our products is that our marketing is entirely digital. We are capable of linking the advertisements shown on our restaurant tablets straight to the realtor’s landing page where we can help them create a warm lead list.

Many real estate agents use some form of advertising, usually print, to get their name out there. Advertising is a great way for real estate agents to brand themselves in the local community. Now that technology is more widely available, advertising digitally is much more effective than print.

Using our digital banners for real estate advertisements means the realtor can change their ad when they have a new listing, or their headshot if they take a new one. The advertisements are not static and can be changed three times throughout the year to keep up with their personal branding or properties listed. This gives the realtor the advantage of altering an ad they don’t see a return on investment with so that we can ensure our product is working for them.

Another great thing about our advertisements being digital is that we can track them using Google Analytics. We can see how many clicks their website gets through our digital advertisement. We can also see the difference in click-throughs that stay on the page versus click-throughs that leave the page right away. This gives our clients a good idea of how many people see their ad, visit their website and make a purchase or share their information.

Real estate agents need warm lead lists for the properties they are selling in order to have business. Our digital advertising can link straight to a realtors landing page, creating a warm lead list for the realtor right there in the restaurant. Google Analytics allow us to tell our clients how many leads they got from their digital advertisement as well. It makes targeting the realtor’s target audience more easily attainable because we see how well their current advertisement is working for them and make the necessary changes to make sure the return on investment is one that is profitable.

Real estate agents have one of the highest return on investments for our product because if they sell one house, they will have already seen a return on investment. We have a real estate agent who placed an advertisement on our first tablets at Top Shelf Bar and Grill in Vancouver, Washington and sold a house the first month she was featured on the tablets. The profit gained from the sale of that house was more than enough to cover the cost of her advertisement. After the sale of the first house, she still had eleven months to sell more houses using her advertisement. Each house she sold after the first one is strictly for profit, and will give her a higher return on investment. She may also receive referrals from the first house sold. With just one click on her advertisement, this real estate agent was able to cover her cost of the investment as well as guarantee she has a high return on investment from her initial investment.   

Our touch screen tablet advertisements are a small amount of a marketing budget that yield a huge return, especially for real estate agents.

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