Synergy: A Huge Contribution to Success

Synergy is a key part of any business. It allows the employees to boost up one another. When a team of employees works together to get the job done, they rely on one another to do their part. Instead of competing against one another, they believe in each other and see the importance in each other. It strengthens the bond between employees and builds a cohesive team of employees all working towards one unified goal.

Working in a sales environment is very competitive. You have to bring in revenue for the company in order to keep your job, so it’s important to be making sales daily. Typically this is very competitive and can drive employees against one another.

Here at Tablio, we believe our sales associates perform better when they are working together instead of against one another. We have a daily goal of how much money we have to bring in in order to leave the building, each sales associate’s deals count towards one unified daily goal. This makes our sales associates support one another in making deals instead of competing against one another.

Three ways to unify a team of employees are;

  1. Create teams of employees to compete against each other

Having two teams of employees compete against one another allows for our sales associates to compete while also working together. Half of the employees work together as a team to compete against the other half of the employees for cash prizes. We play daily games for cash prizes to encourage our sales associates to get more deals. Having two teams compete against one another depletes the need for each sales associate to outperform each other because they have to work as a team to win the game.

  1. Train your employees that one’s success doesn’t mean another isn’t also successful

We have twice daily sales meetings, in which we learn about different topics meant to help us succeed. Our sales associates talk about what they are struggling with and get advice from their fellow sales associates. This brings our sales associates together instead of against each other. They feel that together they have a better chance at success than they do alone. They are always offering help to one another to meet their personal and unified goals so the business can grow together as a whole.

  1. Host team bonding events

Team bonding events have a huge impact on the bonds built between employees. When employees are forced to work together in team bonding events they learn to trust each other. Learning that each employee has one another’s back is easier done through games and events than it is during job performance. If you know you can trust your fellow employee to do the right thing in a fun environment, you’ll be more likely to trust them when it relates to work. Trusting each other is a key part of helping each other succeed, which strengthens a unified synergy among employees.

Synergy is a key part of maintaining a successful business as a whole. It enforces the idea that the business cannot succeed unless each individual employee is succeeding and working together in order to do so. No employee is better than the other, together they create one unified team of goal crushing employees.

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