Five Reasons Digital Advertising Works

Digital advertising is any promotion of a business or brand through digital means over the internet.

Nielsen concluded that brands can experience a return of almost three dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent in online advertising that has been precisely delivered using purchase-based information.” – Peter Minnium,

Marketing digitally is beneficial because it is trackable and requires less effort on the consumers to be involved. There are five main reasons why businesses see a maximum benefit from utilizing digital advertising:

  1. It Directs the Customer Right to Your Website

With digital marketing, the advertisements shown have connect ability to the business brand. With print advertising, the consumer has to look for the brand outside of the advertisement, by calling, searching for a product, or looking the brand up online. The consumers cannot go straight to the website by clicking on the advertisement, they have to actively search for the brand that catches their eye. By going the digital route, the consumers has easy access to the brand that captures their attention because of hyperlinks that direct the customer back to their webpage.

  1. It’s Trackable

Digital advertising is trackable. You can review how efficient it is for your business. With print advertising, the only way to track its efficiency is if the customers tell you they found you through a certain advertisement. With digital advertising, google analytics and other click-through rates will show many customers visited your website using a certain ad. We provide quarterly google analytic rates to show our clients how well their advertisement is working for their brand. Tracking how well an advertisement is working lets the client know what they should or shouldn’t change about their advertisement to see the highest return on investment.

  1. The Designs are Changeable, Not Static

Digital advertisements can be changed. Because they are online, digital advertisements are editable. With print advertising, you can’t change an advertisement that has already been printed or distributed. Once it is in the hands of the customer, it can’t be edited. With digital advertisements, they can be edited. They can be reuploaded to the internet if any changes need to be made, they aren’t permanent. With our digital advertisements, we offer three changes throughout the year, so our clients aren’t stuck with an advertisement that isn’t giving them a high return on investment.

  1.  It Boosts Interaction With Potential Clients

The customer viewing the advertisement has to click on the advertisement to interact with it. Instead of looking at a print advertisement, the potential customer can click on the advertisement and go straight to the business’s website. It has been proven that interaction with a brand makes it more memorable than just seeing it. Even if the potential customer doesn’t make a purchase right when they click visit the company’s website, they have a higher chance of remembering the brand when they do need to make a purchase in that business industry.

  1. It’s the Quickest Way to Reach the Broadest Audience

Everyone is transitioning a much more digital age. Eighty-eight and a half percent of the United States population used the internet in 2016, Over eight out of every ten people used the internet last year. Digital advertising means your advertisement could be seen by many more people than print advertising. As technology grows, so does the effectiveness of advertising through means of technology.

Digital advertising is taking over the world of advertising. It is quicker, more efficient, and guarantees a higher return on investment. Take advantage of the growth in technology and build your brand by going digital.

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