Follow – Up Emails Drive Business

A big part of online sales is following up with a customer after their purchase. Working in a call center, I’ve come to realize that the sales part of the job is very impersonal. You call multiple business owners making small talk until you break the ice with a decision maker and get them to see value in purchasing your product. There is no face to face communication or bond made between the customer and the business other than a purchase made. In these situations, it is critical to do a follow up to acknowledge your gratitude of them making the purchase.

Follow-up emails are the best way to do a follow-up. They are fast, easy, and can be automated. It’s a friendly way to pop in and say thank you for your purchase.

Following up after a purchase is a great way to let your customers know that you appreciate their purchase and them as a customer. It makes them feel special and eliminates a lot of buyers remorse that may otherwise arise.

Online sales are tricky. They aren’t face to face, the customer doesn’t really know who they are purchasing from, and they are often regretted because they were made on impulse. Reminding your customers that you appreciate them and will be there every time they need you is a great way to build and keep business.

When a customer knows that a business has multiple customers a day, they want to feel special. Those customers want to feel like their purchase wasn’t just another sale for a business, but that their purchase made an impact on the company. Remember, everyone likes to feel important.

There are four types of follow-ups that can and should be made:

  1. The Thank You Follow-Up

This follow-up should be sent immediately after purchase. It should have their information regarding their purchase and any other information they may need. This follow-up recognizes their purchase and shows gratitude for it.

  1.  The Connect With Us Follow-Up

This follow-up invites your customers to follow you on social media. Building a strong social media presence is one of the best ways to bring in more leads for potential clients. As your social media platforms grow, so does the number of people that know about your business.  

  1. The Just Checking In Follow-Up

This follow-up should be sent a few months after the purchase, checking in to see if they are still loving their product. Many customers will appreciate a follow up a little later on making sure that they love their product.

  1. The New Product Follow-Up

This follow-up should be sent any time your company offers new products. Existing customers are more likely to spend money with your company than new clients. This lets them know that you appreciate them being a customer so much that you let them know about new services before you let the public know.

Follow-up emails are a very simple but important way to keep and build customers for any business. They ensure that the customer feels special, important, and appreciated for their money and time spent making their purchase.

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