TedX: Listening to Learn

Listening to creative content is always encouraged for our employees.

Living in the Pacific Northwest means that many of our employees have long commutes to work. We encourage they listen to Ted talks or audiobooks while driving so they absorb the knowledge while doing their daily tasks. Listening to music or audiobooks while engaging in daily activities allows for an individual’s mind to expand.

Many people don’t have time to spend reading books so they miss important content. Audiobooks and Ted talks make it so that our employees can listen to content pertinent to their success while also doing daily tasks.

No one is really ever done learning. There is always something we can take away from another person, place, or thought.

Internally, we see a huge rise in success from all the employees who recently switched over to listening to creative content meant to help them succeed.

Three of the best audiobooks and Ted talks we recommend are:

  1. Sell or Be Sold – Grant Cardone

Cardone goes over the difference in selling a product versus being sold. There is a big difference between who has control in a conversation and who doesn’t. Having control over a conversation gives the seller power of persuading the buyer to make their purchase. Cardone goes over how to use sales skills to take control of the conversation and close the deal.

  1. Smart Failure for a Fast-Changing World – Eddie Obeng

Obeng discusses the rapid growth in business made possible by technology. He reviews why it is more important to try going after something new and fail than it is to never try at all. Failing means you gave it a shot and tried to make it work. Not doing something in fear of failure means you didn’t give it a chance to see if you could succeed at it.

  1. 7L: The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals – Michael J. Maher

Maher reviews the importance in communication. He goes over how different levels of communication can bring in more business, allow you to reach more decision makers, and convince people to listen to what you are saying. Communication is a key aspect to making deals in any sales position.

These three audiobooks are content we recommend to any sales associate. Listening to content while going about your day will give you a rise in success over time. Listening to Ted talks about anything you need to improve on will make that knowledge sink in. As you listen while going about your day, the knowledge you absorb will also become part of your daily thinking.


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