Is Your Branding Universal?

A unified brand is the best way to represent your business universally. What sets a well-known business apart from an unrecognized business is exceptional branding.

“Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors’. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.”

It’s the look, feel, and quality of the products offered at your brand. A great example of this is Target. Target is known for high-quality products at lower prices and with the color Red. Target’s branding is done so that the customer knows they should expect the products to be simple, high quality, and enjoyable. Their brands represent this ideal as well.

Branding evokes an emotion in those customers that relate to the brand. When the branding is not unified, the customers don’t know what to expect when it comes to that brand.

When advertising for your business, it’s important to keep the design and content of all the collateral similar so that each piece represents the brand individually and all together.  Three ways of doing this are working with an external advertising agency, hiring an internal marketing coordinator, or having a media package for all of your various advertising needs.

Working With an External Advertising Agency

Working with an external advertising agency is beneficial for bigger business. It’s very pricey to have an external agency handle your marketing needs for you. Although this is an extraordinary way to have all of your branding collateral unified and aligned, it’s expensive and takes a huge chunk of a company’s advertising budget. Advertising agencies typically charge per hour or through a monthly allowance fee. This allows for the agency to handle all of your marketing needs for the specified time. The rates associated per hour or per month are spendy and don’t fit in many small business advertising budgets. The work done by agencies is top of the line and create a brand that is unified, transparent, and honest to the business represented.

Hiring an Internal Marketing Coordinator

Having one person or a team of individuals internally representing the brand will bring synergy to the business. When the individual(s) handling the marketing works daily in the atmosphere being represented, they know the business like the back of their hand. Working internally, they know what is going on with the business at all times, and can promote the business as it is at any given moment. Advertising agencies don’t see what happens at all times, and can only represent what they know about the business. Depending on how many employees handle your companies marketing, this method is typically cheaper than working through an external advertising agency.

Having a Media Package

Having collateral on hand that represents your brand, like a png file of your logo, or stock images of your brand, make it easier for the brand to be represented by multiple means of advertising. Your logo, business theme, and stock images can be given to any marketer representing your brand so that they can stick with the same universal branding. We appreciate when our clients have branding collateral to give us when we are designing their ad because we know what to work with. It is easier, and more cost-efficient, to keep collateral on hand for representing your business.

Different businesses benefit from utilizing different types of advertising, due to the size of their business, the amount available in their advertising budget, and the advertising means needed. Knowing which one works best for your business will save you time, money, and your business reputation.

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