Bring Your Kid to Work Day

April 27th is national Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day, and we celebrated!

We believe in keeping work fun for our employees. We feel that a fun work environment makes our employees jump out of bed in the morning excited to come to work. And Bring Your Kid to Work Day was the perfect way for us to continue with our positive, fun, exciting work environment.

We started the day with introducing our new “sales associates” in the morning meeting. We got to know each one of them, something special about them, and whose child they were.

After the introductions, the older kids got to sit with their parents and learn about what their job entails. Some kids even helped their parents get their jobs done!

The younger kids got to hang out, watch movies, color, eat snacks, and enjoy a fun day of “work” at the office.

It was exciting for our office to have a change of pace and atmosphere as we welcomed fourteen children into our office for the day.

The kids raised the energy in the office, made our employees laugh, and learned what it’s like to work at Tablio.

Bring Your Kid to Work Day is also beneficial for the children. They get to learn what it’s like to go to work and see different careers.

It’s inspiring to watch your parents work doing something they love. It reinforces the idea that having a job you love is beneficial to your mental health as well as your paycheck.

Bring Your Kid to Work Day allows for kids to shadow their parents and get a better understanding of what their parent’s spend so much time doing every week.

It also puts money into perspective. When kids see how hard their parents work for their money they have a better appreciation for what that money is being spent on.

For us, Bring Your Kid to Work Day was not only beneficial for the kids but for us as well. Our employees got excited to show off what they bring to the table.

Our graphic designers helped draw images for the kids to color, showed them advertisements they’ve designed, and took a break just to spend time laughing with the kids.

Our sales team made fake phone calls to the kids showing them what their calls sound like, and how to reach a decision maker. While the kids ran around the office telling our sales associates to “Get back on the phone!”

We love having an exciting work environment. Our employees look forward to showing up to work and don’t mind staying late. We have fun while we’re here and we develop strong relationships with our fellow employees inside and outside of work.

At Tablio, we aren’t just employees, we’re a family. We support one another, help each other reach our goals, and maintain strong friendships among one another.

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