Cost Per Click: Is It Worth It?

Cost per click, also known as pay per click, is the price paid for each click made in an internet marketing campaign or search. It’s the cost associated with each click on your advertisement in a search queue. This cost is made regardless of if the viewer stays on your page or bounces back.

The formula for cost per click rates is:

(Competitor AdRank / Your Quality Score) +.01 = Actual CPC

Cost per click is determined by the average bids made by you and your competitor on the same keywords used to highlight a business.

“As an advertiser, your cost per click will always be less than or equal to your maximum bid, as it is an average of bids against a series of competitors over a period of time. Because of how Google’s Adwords auction works, your actual cost per click is heavily influenced by both you and your closest competitor’s ad rank, maximum bid, and Quality Score.”

Depending on your industry, AdWords, and cost per click can cost anywhere up to five dollars per click. Certain industries cost much more than others; lawyers being the most expensive. This fee is charged every time a click is made to the business website, even if the website viewer bounces back instantly.

Our products drive traffic to your website without charging a cost per click. We offer clickable, trackable ads for a one-time setup fee and a monthly residual charge. Offering our service this way gives our clients an unlimited amount of clicks to a website for the same rate each month.

Another positive of our advertisements are that they are seen by locals in surrounding communities already spending money. Our advertisements are directed towards a company’s key target market while also raising their overall search engine optimization rates. Every time an ad is clicked on it increases the traction rate of clicks to that company hyperlink. This optimizes the ads representation of the brand as well as the traction given to the brand’s website.

Search engine optimization ranks your business in internet marketing campaigns, just like cost per click, except it’s organic and free. Our service is a great way to boost your search engine optimization while avoiding cost per click.

We track how often your advertisement is clicked on quarter annually so that our clients can see how many visitors click their website, stay on their website, or bounce back. We have a fully staffed design team to change the advertisement displayed to increase the optimization and grant the highest return on investment possible.

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