Search Engine Journal Annual Report – The State of Digital Marketing in 2017

The Search Engine Journal (SEJ) produces an annual report every spring that reviews the current state of digital marketing. This was the second time the SEJ curated the report, and statistics show that digital marketing is the highest trending form of advertising.

With multiple statistics stemming from this report, we review the ones pertaining to our touch screen tablet advertising.

  1. Only 43% of marketing companies do audits on their clients

According to this year’s SEJ report,  less than half of the marketing companies polled do audits on for their clients on their marketing services. Audits create reports of how well certain marketing tactics work for each individual client.

Tablio perk: We provide Google Analytic reports quarterly for our clients to make sure we are giving them the highest return on their investment possible. We make changes based on their reports to see if we need to make changes to get them a higher return.


  1.   Of the companies that do audits, only 29% do them monthly

The statistics found show that only 29% of the clients who do audits do them monthly, and 47% do them semi-annually. The more often reports are run, the more information a marketing company has on the results of their work done. Spending more on marketing is expensive, so knowing that it’s working and worth spending money on is beneficial to the client and the marketing company.

Tablio perk: We provide reports every three months. Our clients fall between the monthly and semi-annually categories. We don’t provide them monthly because we feel it is too often to see changes in results. We also feel that semi-annually is not close enough to create accurate results on return on investment. Tracking our services quarter-annually gives our clients the best results on their investment.


  1.   23% of marketers spend less than $50 a month on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The SEJ report stated that 23% of markets spend less than $50 a month on SEO and 31% spend between $50 and $300. Search engine optimization is an organic form of ranking higher in internet marketing campaigns. SEO is an essential part of digital marketing.

Tablio perk: Our clients fall under the less than $50  a month category. We charge a monthly fee for our touch screen tablet advertising that is less than $50 a month. The digital advertisements shown on our touch screen tablets link to the brand’s website, Facebook page, or Yelp page, and raise SEO rates every time they are clicked on.


  1.    17% of digital marketers spend less than $50 a month on pay-per-click campaigns

The statistics in the SEJ report said that 17% of digital marketers spend less than $50 a month on pay-per-click campaigns, and 18% of marketers spend between $50 and $300. Pay-per-click campaigns are the inorganic form of ranking in internet marketing campaigns. Each click made to a website costs a small fee, up to $6, whether or not the viewer bounces back to the search engine campaign.

Tablio Perk: Again, our clients fall under the less than $50 category. Our services cost less than $50 a month, monthly maintenance fee. This fee covers all clicks made to a brand’s digital advertisement, regardless if they have 1 click or 5,000.
Digital advertising is key to any business is today’s day and age. Being cost effective will help businesses optimize their advertising budget without breaking the bank. We aim to help all of our clients get a maximum return on their investment while maintaining a small advertising budget.

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