Time Management – Why It’s the Most Critical Part of Your Success

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a long list of tasks to complete. Learning to manage your time is critical to staying on top of everything without feeling stressed.

We recommend our employees prepare for their next day of work the night before. We allow them to come in early and stay late to set up for their following work day. This gives them the time needed to get everything done so that when they are on the clock they are ready to work and be successful.


Key ways to manage time:

Work Early, Meet Deadlines before They Become Deadlines

Don’t wait until you’re close to a deadline to finish a job. Get everything done early, or as much as you can. This way, if things arise, you won’t feel rushed to get a task done as a deadline approaches. If you have it done early, you can work on getting the next task done early too.


Eliminate Distractions and Stay Focused

Prevent distractions from occurring while you work so you can stay focused and finish tasks. Turn off notifications for your incoming emails and check them every few hours. Avoid checking your cell phone notifications too, unless it’s principal to your job position.  Ask your coworkers to email you or instant message you to ask questions. This way you control the interruptions on your time, instead of getting distracted when it’s inconvenient to your workflow.


Time Wasted is Time Lost

Spend time wisely. Make sure you get the most important tasks done first. Use free time to come up with ways of working faster during high-pressure work times. Free time should not be downtime, it’s the best time to get an early start on work that is coming up. Nowadays, people spend free time checking social media or their email over and over again because they don’t want to work on other tasks; as if the individual is on autopilot.


Make a Task List and Work Through It In Steps

Organize what you need to do. Write out difficult tasks step-by-step, and work on them step-by-step. Just like a map gives you step-by-step directions to get to your end destination, mapping out your tasks can lead you to completion smoothly.


Getting work done early makes you feel accomplished. It relieves stress and often allows for the employee to create better results. Waiting until the last minute guarantees that the work will come off as rushed and won’t have as strong of an impact as work that had quality time spent on it.

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