With Us, You Have Options

Digital advertising is a fast growing form of advertising guaranteeing a huge return on investment. Advertising digitally gives you more room for improvement when your advertisements are not working. It makes it easier for the advertiser to change, edit, and track their advertisement to make sure it is working to maximum capacity.

There are many ways our clients use our products to promote their businesses and gain traction.

Offering a discount for mentioning the advertisement

Does your business offer discounts? If you do, you can keep track of how many deals you got specifically regarding this advertisement. This makes tracking your investment much easier because you know just how many customers your business got from one specific ad.

Bring them to your listing page to get more sales

Are you a real estate agent? Use our products to bring home buyers to your listing page so they can check out the homes you’re currently listing.  The more views on your listings, the more likely you are to sell one.

Have your ad open up a landing page to get more leads

Interested in getting more leads? You can hyperlink your advertisement to a landing page. Anytime your ad is clicked on, it will direct the viewer to a landing page asking for their contact information before allowing them to see your website. Each interested click will become a lead.

Change your ad when you get new products in

Does your business change their product line often? Keep up with the products your company is selling by changing your advertisement to feature the new line. Since your artwork is digital, it’s easy for our designers to upload new artwork. They offer four changes per year.

Change your ad when you want to promote different things

Is your business based on the four seasons? Use your four artwork changes to promote that. Flower shops can show specials for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Outdoor recreation centers can show sports schedules for different sports. Keeping up with the seasons can advertise the different services your business offers throughout the year.

Link your ad to social media to gain a bigger following
Is social media where your business shows off their work? Hyperlinking your advertisement to social media can help you gain a following. Many tattoo artists, salons, and clothing stores link their advertisement to social media to build up a following and show off their talent.

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