Change of Atmosphere – Lifting the Energy

Does the energy in your office feel a little dull? Do you need a summer pick me up to get your employees excited about being at work again? We did.

We recently felt a shift in our office atmosphere as the season began to change. With the sun shining outside, we wanted to get our employees excited about staying inside and working.

We recently switched our entire office around. We moved all of the desks around and each employee got a new seat. The office energy changed and feel news and exciting. Our employees also feel happier.

5 ways you can turn the energy around in your office:

Change The Scenery

Move the office around. Switch up people’s views. Staring at the same four walls and doing the same job day after day gets tiring. Switch up each employee’s seat or move the desks around to create a different office buzz and make the energy rise.

Make It Green

Introduce plants into the office. Bringing plants inside will bring that energy into the office as well. On sunny days, it’s hard for employees to want to stay inside and focus on words when they could be playing outside, but having plants will give them a sense of life outside. Plants have also been proven to increase brain focus and concentration.

Let It Be Loud and Fun

Background music, games, and team building events all encourage a loud and fun atmosphere. Get the employees competing and talking to one another. Play music in the background. Get a buzz going around the office. It’s proven that noise increases energy. We have a chant that we yell every morning as a team to wake our office up and get them ready to grind.

Get Social

Encourage conversations among employees. When the employees are more friends than they are coworkers, they’ll get excited about seeing each other every day. When one of our employees call out sick or can’t come in we feel like one of our close friends are missing from our squad. Encourage connections between the employees and you’ll have a stronger workforce.

Give Recognition

Let your employees know that you see their hard work in action. Give them recognition for a job well done. We have a wall of closers for our sales associates who get the most deals. It’s a place where we hang a plaque for each associate who’s great at closing deals.  We also ring a bell and yell out the associate’s name each time an associate gets a deal. Our employees love when they’re reminded how hard we appreciate their hard work.

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