Introducing: Lead Capture

We are now offering lead capture to our clients who advertise with us digitally. We’ve spent a while looking into the right next step to grow our business, and have realized that using landing pages to generate lead captures is the best way for our clients to see a higher return on investment.

Lead capture allows for us to capture warm leads for our clients who are already being displayed on our touch screen tablets. These digital advertisements link back to the business’s website. Instead of going straight to their website, we’ll now have a landing page in between where ad viewers have to put their information into view the website. Each interested click will become a warm lead for the advertiser.

Lead captures are a place for advertisement viewers to input their contact information before viewing the website connected to the company’s ad. They pop up in between viewing the advertisement and viewing the company’s website. The viewer inserts their information so that the business owner can contact them to give them more information on the products being sold.

The business will benefit because each lead they get will be an interested buyer. They are already interested in the products being sold and are more than likely to make a purchase with the company after being contacted. The leads will benefit the company because they give them a way to gain extra revenue without spending a ton of extra money on marketing.

Our lead capture technology benefits real estate agents, multi-level marketing reps, personal trainers, insurance agents, and so many others. Getting the information of your clients straight from them gives you the best leads to build your book of clients.

We aim to offer services that benefit multiple clients, and now we’re adding on services to make those products even more beneficial. For us, advertising locally is a great way to build a small brand and make it bigger. Creating warm leads for those small businesses already using our products is our way of making them progress even farther.

Capturing leads is something Tablio has wanted to offer for a while, but finding the proper way of doing so made it difficult to launch. We’re very excited to announce the launch of our lead capture technology and see how well it works for our clients. We love helping small businesses succeed and being a part of their progress and growth. We also love being a small business that is thriving through our progress and growth.

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