Rewarding Employees: Why It Boosts Work Ethic

We believe that rewarding our employees for hard work rewards our company as well. When a manager or business owner recognizes hard work their employees often work harder.

It is proven that employees work harder when they feel that their hard work is appreciated. It’s nice to feel needed, and to feel that the work you’re putting into getting your job done is important and noticed by the company. Your employees feel the same way.

Recognizing hard work can be done in many different ways. Financial bonuses is one of the most common ways of recognizing hard work done by an employee. Financial bonuses can include gift cards, cash rewards, bonuses, and an increase in a pay wage. Verbal recognition is another popular form of giving out recognition for a job well done. This can include meetings to review great work ethic, a mention in a team meeting, or just saying goodbye to a job well done. Another well known form of recognition is advancement in the company. Allowing your employees to move up into a higher position is one of the most important ways of showing recognition. Growing with the company allows for an employee to fully feel like their work is crucial to the well being of the company.

Recently, we held a contest for our employees and the prize was a trip to Catalina Islands! They get to go on a mini vacation with a few other coworkers and their significant others. In order for an employee to win a spot on the trip, they had to have their name mentioned the most on Yelp for their department. Overall, we had three winners, one from each department. These employees will get to bring themselves and a significant other on a tropical summer vacation! The vacation will include great food, countless activities, and lots of fun in the sun.

Rewarding our employees is a huge part of who we are at Tablio. We feel that our sales associates strive to hit their goal everyday because our employees in higher positions make it a point to recognize hard work. We don’t only recognize hard work through trips. We give our employees one on one discussions monthly to improve their performance and education in their position. And we also offer cash bonuses for daily deals. Rewarding our employees is what builds the energy in our workplace, and keeps our employees working towards their goals!

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