New, New, New!

Tablio has grown! With the launch of our new products, we’re very excited to grow as a company. We recently launched new software, new products, and a new website!

It’s very exciting to announce the launch of our new website, This website has been in production for quite some time, and we’re excited to finally have it available to our customers.

Our company has grown in a few ways the past month. We introduced new software, a new product, and our new website.

New Software: Tablio

Our new Tablio software installed on the touch screen tablets allows us to offer more services to our clients as well as the restaurant’s customers. This software update is effective on our new tablets being released to restaurant’s in the next few months. It allows for quicker entertainment for guests using them. It also gives our clients more depth and space for their ads and the possibility of having videos instead of still graphics.

New Product: Lead Capture

Our new lead capture software puts a screen up between the click on an advertisement and the viewing of the website. This is a way for our clients to grab warm leads from the customers viewing their advertisements. The customers viewing their advertisement take interest in the business and click on their ad. When the ad is clicked on it opens up the company’s webpage so the viewer can learn more about the company, the products, or make a purchase. We now offer a landing page in between the clicking of the ad and the opening of the web page that collects warm lead for the company to turn into more sales. This upgrade of the customers advertisement is a beneficial way of seeking a high return on investment.

New Website:

We most recently launched our new website,! We spent a few months working on the design and creation of our new website. The website is much more user friendly so that our client’s and potential customers have an easier way of accessing and learning about all of our products. We added a link to our blog on our website so that our customers can easily learn all about big things happening to our company and our industry while visiting our website. We’re very excited for the launch of our website and we hope to see a positive reciprocation from our current and potential client’s.

As we grow so does the opportunity for our client’s businesses to grow.

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