Being A Leader, Not A Dictator

When running a business it is important for the wellbeing of your business to have a team atmosphere that supports one another. A strong bond between employees results in a harder working team reaching to attain one common goal: a successful company.

Too many business owners work as bosses instead of leaders not realizing the effect it has on their company. The difference in being a boss and not a leader is controlling your employees. When a manager puts themselves high above the employees, the employees feel threatened or unappreciated. An employee who doesn’t feel like they matter to the business owner or make an impact on the company will be more inclined to not take their job seriously. Showing up somewhere is better when you feel wanted there, this is true about work too.

Leaders are employers who lead by example. They show their employees how they want things to be done, instead of telling them. They coach their employees, instead of getting mad they help their employees understand the correct way of doing things. Setting an example for their employees benefits their company and their employees because it allows for open communication and an understanding that even if things go wrong they are still okay.

Having an open door policy allows for the employees to speak up about what goes on in the company. They feel more comfortable working because they know they are capable and able to stand up for themselves and their company. When an employee feels that their opinion matters to their manager and their company, they will be more apt to say it. They’ll know that even if their opinion isn’t acted upon, it will still be considered. Employees who feel like their company is excited about having them as an employee will never want to miss a day of work, their dedication to their company grows alongside their employee’s appreciation.

We allow for our employees to communicate with us as if we’re always on their side. It matters to us that our employees feel like they are welcomed, accepted, and appreciated when they are in our office. We’re all about having a fun, exciting, engaging atmosphere for our employees to be excited about being at. We see a dedication in our employees to their professions, our company, and their fellow employees that’s all working towards our goal of helping small businesses grow. We don’t think our employees or ourselves would love coming to work as much as we do if it was any other way.

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