Internet Ad Spending Is Growing Rapidly

The amount of money spent on internet advertising is growing at an extremely fast pace. More companies are opting for digital rather than other mediums because they see a higher chance of a successful return in their investment.

According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, the amount of money spent on internet advertising is going to be more than the amount spent on television advertising very soon.

“The magnitude of this can’t be overstated — the first television ad aired in 1941, and the first internet ad was placed in 1994. It took the internet only 24 years to disrupt and outpace the 76-year-old TV advertising industry — making it almost three times faster and more agile.

Meeker’s report also outlined where the bulk of internet advertising dollars are spent — and to nobody’s surprise, online advertising is growing at an explosive rate on Google and Facebook (20% and 62% year-over-year, respectively),” says Bernazzani regarding Meeker’s report,

Internet advertising is growing at this alarming rate for a reason. It’s one of the most beneficial ways of advertising. Digital advertising is clickable, trackable, and changeable. It is also interactive for the advertisement viewer making it more likely to grab and keep their attention.

The advertisements we offer link back to the website of the company advertising. We track the clicks made to these ads using Google analytics and are able to provide results on how well the company’s investment is working for them. We can also make changes to the ad if something else may give the company a higher return on investment.

This is something that is much more difficult for print and television advertising. When the ad is directly clicked on, it brings up the company’s landing page or website. Our lead capture technology provides strong leads for the company to use for generating more sales. You can’t send out a mailer or display a television ad and turn it straight into a warm lead. The advertisement viewer must contact you upon seeing your ad, which does not generate as high of a return.

It was only a matter of time before internet marketing surpassed all other forms of advertising, and that moment is now. Making the decision to invest in advertising now before it reaches the top is one of the best things a business owner could do for their business. It’s proven internet advertising works for our clients and others, so invest in something worth it today.

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