Follow-Up Emails: How to Capture Your Leads Attention

The follow-up email is one of the most critical parts of closing a deal. Sending a follow-up email to your prospect ensures that even if they don’t receive your voice message, they’ll get it digitally. In a digital age, more people are communicating over emails and texts than they are over the phone. And communicating with your potential customers in the easiest way possible for them gives you a higher chance of them receiving their message.

Sending a follow-up email is only effective if it’s done correctly. There are certain send times, content, and communication that make up a properly curated follow-up email.

It’s important to send a follow-up email at the right time. If your prospect receives their email at the wrong time, they could end up missing the email and never see it. There are certain times and days that give your email a higher chance of being opened. Many business owners have a higher chance of checking their emails early in the morning, around 8:00 AM, and towards the end of their shift, around 3:00 PM. Some days are also better than others. Many business owners tend to check their email Monday morning when they first get into the office. They’re less likely to check their email Friday afternoon right before they leave for the weekend. Sending an email at the right time is one difference on whether or not the initial communication turns into a sale.

There are online programs that can help you send your email at the right time using automation. These online email services, like MailChimp and Informz, send out your emails to your potential customers at times deciphered by when those viewers usually check their email. This software helps send out each email at a time personalized to that specified prospect at the time they’re most likely to open it.

They content of the email is more important than the send time. If your prospect opens up the email and it’s not interesting or too “salesy”, they aren’t going to read all of it. It’s critical to capture your prospects attention quickly. Getting them interested in your product without being pushy creates a higher chance of them responding to the email. A few ways to provide great content is to keep your email short, and include images.

Make sure you send follow-up emails to turn your warm leads into buying prospects. The right content and the right arrival guarantees that your potential customer warms up to making their first purchase.

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