Social Media: How It’s Changing the Future of Business

Many businesses are starting up without a physical store presence. They build their book of business online and then move into a store when they can already have a customer base.

This saves money on the business owner and allows for the business to grow as quickly as it needs to without creating the major amount of debt associated with starting a business.

The customer base your business thrives off of is mobile friendly, your business should be too. Without a mobile first platform, your business will be overlooked by potential customers who prefer to use their mobile device over a physical computer. Computers are slow, bulky, and can’t be brought along anywhere, but that doesn’t mean access to your business has to be that way too.

According to Hubspot, there are five trends coming to social media that market should be aware of.

  1. New Channels

As each new channel is released, like Facebook Messenger, another platform for your potential customer to find out about you also opens up. It’s important to be on each platform so that your business is not missed by any audience of potential customers. Missing an opportunity to market to a potential customer base is crucial to the success of your business’s growth through online presence.

  1. Videos

Videos are a great way for the customer to interact with your business. As they watch a video about your business, their engagement with the company broadens and they learn and connect with the business more than just scrolling past an image. Videos are also a great way to show multiple uses for your products that your potential customers may not have thought about.

  1. Mobile

It’s important for your business to be mobile friendly. Your potential customers are no longer using their computers to search for businesses, they do it all from their phone. If your company’s website is not mobile friendly, those potential customers will end up going to a business they can look up on their mobile device.

  1. Social Ads

Social ads are a huge way to reach a big audience. A majority of people spend at least an hour on social media, and the best way to reach them is to advertise your business in their news feed. Many social media platforms can push your business straight to the customers they think will be the most likely to engagement with your company.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the best way to market your company to the right people online. AI can see which social media engagers are most likely to shop with companies like yours, recommending the right ads to the right viewers and optimizing social ads for all businesses. It’s the best way to personalize online marketing to a big audience.

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