Lightening the Mood: The Best Pranks to Play On Your Coworkers This Fall

Work shouldn’t be serious all the time. Making the work environment fun has a great impact on the drive of your team members and the success of the business altogether. When your employees want to be there, they work harder. Working for the overall success of a business is exciting when your care about it.

One of the best ways to get your employees excited about coming to work is to make it fun for them to be there. There are many ways to make work fun, one of our favorites is playing pranks on one another. Getting the employees to laugh with one another brings our employees closer and makes the overall bond throughout the business stronger.

A few of our favorite pranks from Hubspot are:

  1. Changing Something About Their Desk

We think it’s hilarious when one of our employees changes something about another’s desk the night before they come in. When the pranked employee gets to work in the morning, their desk is different and they have to figure out how to get it back to normal. Our employees have changed desktop pictures, saved documents as different names, flipped all of the desk objects upside down, or taped every drawer closed. This ads a little humor to all employees in the morning, starting the day off in a great mood.


  1. Pretending Someone Got a Bonus or Won Something

We like to pretend that one employee did something special and tell the entire staff, then when that employee gets praise they are confused as to what they did. On Hubspot, we saw an example where they set up a fake vacation for an employee and made that employee’s desk look like the beach, a ‘work”cation some might say.


  1. Bringing In Prank Food

On the blog Hubspot posted, we saw caramel onions instead of caramel apples, a Krispy Kreme box filled with vegetables, and cupcakes with the saying “Find the Toenail” decorated on them. Bringing in prank food shakes things up for all employees is a great way to make each employee laugh at one another.

We love to keep things interesting at Tablio. We think it makes work fun, and the happier our employee’s are, the more successful our business becomes. The happiness our employee’s feel while being at work encourages them to work harder making the company more successful as a whole. A strong team produces a strong work culture and strong business revenue.

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