Five Steps of Turning a Lead Into A Customer

No business began without turning a lead into a paying customer. In order for a business to start, they must build their base of customers, Without putting your business in front of those customers, the business would never get anywhere. Customers aren’t going to look for you, you have to put yourself out there to your potential customers.

Most start up businesses need a way of turning a lead into a customer, if this is not done successfully the business will lose those potential customers. According to Hubspot, there are five essential ways of turning a lead into a buying customer.


  1. Scheduling a Meeting With The Lead

Reaching your potential customers is the first step of creating a base of buying customers. In order to create leads, you must market to the right people. Your business needs to be heard of and trusted in order for a potential customer to give you their information. The best way to do this is to market your company correctly through digital and print mediums. Once a business is heard of by a potential customer, the interested customers will feel comfortable giving the business their contact information.


  1. Get the Lead Interested in Making a Purchase

Once your company receives the contact information from an interested lead, you must nurture them into making their first purchase. Trust is the best way for a company to get a lead to commit to making a purchase. This can be done through communication as well as efficient branding.


  1. Sending Out a Proposal

Once you know who to contact, and the best way to contact them, you’ll want to send out a proposal. After the trust has been built with a potential customer, getting them to agree to make a purchase happens after the business owners make an offer for their service. You’ll want to appease to your potential customer by making the product worth the price while also not selling your business short.


  1. Negotiation

The negotiation typically happens after the first proposal is sent. This is when the lead is going back and forth between if they are going to make the purchase or not. During this stage, the potential customer is likely to see how much they can get at the best cost, making them negotiate with you to see how much you’ll drop the price down to.


  1. Closing the Deal

Closing the deal comes after the negotiation. This is when your lead decides if they are going to be a paying customer or not. Based on the price of your product, the value they get from it, and the trust you’ve built with them as a reputable company, the customer will either decide to make the purchase or not to make the purchase.

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