Fall Trends In Digital Media

It’s fall. The seasons are changing, the leaves are falling, and the rain is pouring. Halloween is right around the corner, and then comes Christmas. We’re seeing the arrival of Holiday decorations in chain stores as the fall arrives upon us. And kids are starting school again.

With the changing of the season, comes a change in digital media. What is the best way to advertise this holiday season? A recent article on Hubspot reviewed eleven big changes happening this fall, here’s four of our favorites.

  1. Facebook Is Penalizing Sites Not Optimized For Mobile

The newest algorithm released by Facebook will punish advertisers and business pages that do not have websites optimized for mobile devices. Links to sites that are not optimized will not be promoted as much as those that are. Because Facebook is mostly a mobile platform, the load time from app to website is important in the determination of the rank it lands is user’s news feed.

  1. Instagram Launches Instagram Live For Two Users

Instagram has had the live feature for quite some time, allowing users to post live in action videos of what is happening. This feature has recently been expanded by the social media platform. It will now allow two users to go live together with a split screen.

  1. Instagram Launched Comment Threads

You can now post comment threads on Instagram like you could Facebook. This gives users the ability to comment on a comment already made on a post. It makes conversations easier to manage on posts, and gives users a way to keep their conversations organized. This feature has been available on Facebook for a while, but has made a recent debut to Instagram.

  1. Youtube Added Vertical Video Capabilities

For as long as people have used Youtube, the platform has only supported horizontal videos. Users have never been able to post a video that was filmed in vertical or square format. This changes the game for Youtube users because they now have a wider range of posts they can make.

There are many big changes coming to social media, are you ready for them? Prepare for the changes to social media as you prepare for fall by using them to your best advantage. These big changes mean big opportunities for your company to promote its business on social media, so take full advantage of them!

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