How To Make Sales Through Emails

Closing deals is hard to do when you haven’t yet shown your customer why your brand is trustworthy. People are often skeptical about switching their current brand or welcoming a new product into their regimen. Gaining your customer’s trust is a rocky road at first, and doing it through email proves even more difficult.

Using email communication to close a deal with a customer who has not yet heard of your business is one of the toughest forms of closing deals, but it is do-able. A recent blog posted by Emma Brudner on reviews 20 great ways to close deal through email. We’ll review the tips that stood out to us most.

  1. Using A Question To Evoke Emotion

A few featured questions were, “Is X A Priority For You Right Now?”, “Did You Know Interesting Statistic”, and “Yesterday, you did X. Why?”

We like this tactic because it gets makes the buyer think about the topic being presented instead of pushing a product in their face. It’s important to capture their interest and keep it long enough for them to make a purchase.

  1. Emails That Connect Commonalities

We liked the quesitons, “”[Mutual Connection] recommended we talk.” and “Like you, I [love X activity, am interested in Y cause, participate in Z organization].”

We think find a common connection between you and your potential customer is a great way to make your brand feel familiar. Familirity builds trust. If you can make your customer feel like they know you, even if they don’t, your potential customer will be much more likely to make a purchase.

  1. Pointing Out A Problem and Fixing It

Our favorite questions were, “I have an idea to address [pain point]” and “I don’t know how you feel about X, but to me it’s …”

Pointing out a problem your potential customer has and giving them a solution through your product is a great way to make sales quickly. Being a solution to a problem benefits both the customer and the seller, making it a win-win for both sides.

Being effective with your email approach is a great way to close deals without picking up the phone or going face-to-face with your potential customers. Email can build a connection and trust while being an efficient way of communicating on both ends. It is less time consuming when both parties can respond at the moment they see fits best. This allows the buyer and seller to be engaged in a more meaningful and driven communication.

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