Using Color to Evoke Emotions

Do certain colors catch your eye more than others? It’s because certain colors evoke certain emotions. People who have a favorite color often feel stronger emotions relating to said color. This can be used to build maximum interest in your marketing campaigns.

Warmer colors – red, orange, and yellow – evoke feelings of happiness, energy, and hunger. These colors also may cause irritation. Many fast food chains often use these colors in their marketing schemes because they create a sense of hunger. McDonald’s is a prime example.


  • Love/Romance
  • Warmth
  • Energy/Excitement
  • Life/Blood


  • Happy/Energetic
  • Enthusiasm
  • Wealth Prosperity
  • Change


  • Happiness/Laughter
  • Optimism
  • Hunger
  • Attention-getting

Cooler colors – green, blue, and purple – encourage creativity, put viewers at ease, and relieve tension. These colors make you feel calmer than warmer colors, but do not jump out as much.


  • Natural
  • Growth
  • Money & Health
  • Tranquility/Harmony


  • Calmness/Serenity
  • Wisdom
  • Loyalty/Truth
  • Focused


  • Royalty/Wealth
  • Sophistication/Wisdom
  • Exotic
  • Spiritual/Prosperity

When using colors with marketing, you must know your audience and know which color will attract said customer’s demographic the best. Using a warm color and a statement color will make that part of the image pop. Sticking with a neutral color background and using a warm color for the most important part will draw attention where you want it.

Using calm colors puts your customers at ease. It relaxes them building trust while they engage with the product or brand.

According to The Adobe XD Team, blue is the color that is used most digitally.

Pantone Color Institute Vice President Laurie Pressman sheds light on some of the reasons behind the color blue’s online popularity. “Blue is not only the most popular color on the web today, it is also the most popular color on the spectrum internationally. Long associated with the serenity of a clear blue sky, and the cleansing waters of tranquil seas, the human mind embraces the concept of blue as constant, translating it into a symbolic message of dependability and loyalty,” says The Adobe XD Team.

Blue is the color that builds trust in your customer base. It is the most common because it brings in the most business from loyal customers.  Depending on your audience, the right color for your marketing entirely depends on the emotion you want to evoke in your customer when they are interacting with your brand.

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