Building A Customer Base Over The Holidays

Houses are decorated, stores are crowded, and the people are merry, holiday season is in full force. Your company’s strategy of reaching your customers should be too.

If you haven’t started your marketing plan for next year, you should. Marketing to customers is the only way of building and retaining customers who actively engage with your product. The holidays are a time where people are spending money frivolously. With the right marketing, this money could be spent on your products. Using the holidays to build your book of business is a great way to gain new customers as well as retain current customers.

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is known for being one of the cheapest days to shop. This year it falls on November 24th. Many companies host sales on Black Friday. They’ll offer big discounts on some of their best products. It’s one of the best times for customers to buy gifts for the holidays. Shopping begins in the early hours of the morning and usually last the whole day. Many stores will open at midnight, or even late Thanksgiving night. This option works best for store-front business, and not so well for online companies.

Cyber Monday

This option is the one that benefits all strictly online-businesses. Cyber Monday falls on the monday after Black Friday. This year it lands on November 27th. Most online businesses will offer big discounts that were not sold on Black Friday. It’s a place for storefront and digital companies to host sales that were not given a few days prior. It’s a great way for smaller digital companies to get their name out there while avoiding high marketing costs.

Offering A Holiday Discount

Offering a holiday discount doesn’t have to be because of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You could host a sale just to attract attention to your company. One common sale companies do over the holidays is offer a discount or dollar amount off if a certain amount is spent. Digital companies offer free shipping. This encourages your customers to spend more so they get the discount, bringing you more business and your customers more satisfaction.

One thing we should mention in this blog, is a great way to boost business traction is being displayed on our touch screen tablets. Many families are eating out while doing holiday shopping, and are more receptive to spending money. Putting your face in front of your potential customers will bring you more deals this winter.

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