How Often Should You Rebrand

Rebranding is a must for every company. There is no way for a company to keep the initial brand they began with and grow for multiple years. As times change, and a company’s industry grows, so do the needs for a rebrand. Rebranding your business can freshen up or change the previous feel behind the company. As the new year approaches, familiarize yourself with your company’s brand and whether or not a rebranding will be part of your business plan in 2018.


  1. Rebrand When Your Company Has A New Vision

Every company has a mission, the vision behind why they are they way they are. This relates to the way they treat their customers, and their employees. As times change, these values will change as well. When the company’s vision changes, the brand should change to match the new vision.


  1. Rebrand When Your Company Needs Some Sprucing Up

Do you see a drop in your revenue? It may because your brand lacks enthusiasm in modern day. While your brand may be tried and true, it won’t always be what’s best fit for the company. It’s important to keep up with the changes in the industry and adapt your brand to them, while sticking to your true values.


  1. Rebrand When Your Company Loses Customers

If your company wants to change how the public views your company, you can rebrand and  create a new face for the customer to connect with. Rebranding will bring new life to the company and evoke new emotions through marketing.


  1. When Customers Notice Your Name Instead Of Your Brand

Some companies are so well known that people automatically think of their brand when they think of a product. It’s like asking for a beer, and meaning a Coors Lite. The companies with products most well known will be noticed for the brand, regardless of what the product is.


If your company is in need of a rebrand, now is the time to do so. Evaluate your company, and your past marketing efforts and make the decision that is best for you in the upcoming year. You won’t regret putting your best foot forward. A move to better your company, is a move to better your revenue.


We hope 2018 brings you everything you need it to. Happy new year! May this be the year you see the utmost success.

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