Top 3 Humerous Ways to Engage Sales Calls

Those of us that work in sales, or telemarketing, know just how awkward it can be to start up a conversation with a prospect. Their guard is up, they weren’t expecting to talk to you, and they definitely don’t want you to convince them to purchase something that they didn’t originally want. So how you do break down that wall? Some might say by becoming trustworthy, other may say by being entertaining. We think being humorous and making your prospect laugh is the easiest way to break down a wall.

Convincing someone to spend their hard earned money on your product is difficult and stressful. Many prospects aren’t just automatically inclined to make a purchase from your company. Being humorous gets them laughing and eases the tension.

Here are our three best ways to engage sales calls with humor.

  1. Act like you forget you were calling them when they pick up

Saying something obscure like “Joe, put that down” or “Elephants aren’t grey they’re blue” right when they answer will make them wonder what you were doing when you called. Catching someone off guard will make them more engaged in the conversation and curious to see why you’re calling.

  1. Make a joke about the weather, sports, or something unique about their company

When you make light of a situation they’re familiar with, you’ll get their guard down. People love to talk about themselves, and the things they are passionate about. If you know a particular interest of your lead, make light of it and you’ll be sure to get them talking.

  1. Ask them about something they weren’t expecting

Bringing up a question out of the blue like “Did you know that the sun is going to set at 6:00 today?” or “What year was Nixon elected?” will get them thinking and they won’t have a chance to wonder who you are and why you are calling. Getting their wall down can be done by confusing them, and then re-engaging the conversation after you draw them in.

Being humorous will draw the attention of your customer. It makes an awkward sales situation lighter for you and your prospect giving you a higher chance of getting the sale and closing the deal. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, the best sales are made that way.

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