Twas’ The Holiday Season

The Holiday season has come and past, but the spirit shouldn’t. The holidays are a time when people are willing to give and be kind to others. Wouldn’t it be nice to make this feeling last all year long? We should do our best to help keep it alive.

This past holiday season, Tablio did our best to help out a family in dire need and lift their spirits. The holidays are tough on those going through difficult times. We wanted to share the magic and make a family feel special. One of our employee’s Lynnea knew just the right family to help this holiday season.

The Roberts family hit a low point in November and were struggling to find joy during the holiday season. After many rough patches throughout the year, the Roberts family wasn’t going to be able to afford to celebrate the holidays, leaving them sad and unexcited for the holiday season to arrive.

Lynnea knew the Roberts family through her daughter. Lynnea’s daughter was friends with Tanya and Dean’s son Tanner. They met in high school over a year ago and the two have developed a very close relationship ever since.

When we at Tablio found out from Lynnea that her daughter’s friends family was going through their situation we couldn’t help but want to lend a hand. Together we helped Tanya and Dean Roberts get what they needed to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For Thanksgiving, we wanted to help the Roberts family buy a Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without the food, our goal was to make sure they had plenty to eat. We gifted them a gift card to Safeway so they could buy a turkey and make Thanksgiving dinner. They were so thankful!

For Christmas, we gifted them a few gifts for the family. That way they had presents to open when Christmas morning came around. We wanted to give them gifts that the whole family could enjoy so they could all feel the magic! The most popular gift we gave them was a video game. Tanner plays it all the time! Tanya received a stand up mixer that she could only have hoped for up till that moment and tears were flowing when she opened it. She uses it all the time.

We’re so glad we got to share this holiday season with the Roberts family. Don’t wait for next holiday season to help others out. If everyone does a little bit each day, we just might make the world a better place. A kind hand is a hand that creates kindness.

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