The Hardest Part of A Sales Job, and How to Overcome It

Working a sales job is the most difficult job for some people. It’s emotionally draining and has a high rejection rate. Many sales people hear “no” over a hundred times more than they hear yes. So why do so many of them stay in the sales industry? Because they make good money, and for some, it is a thrill.

A recent blog from Hubspot, “The Hardest Part of a Salesperson’s Day (and How to Move Past It), reviews the six top toughest moments for a sales person. These six toughest moments differ for each salesperson, for some one may be harder than another. Sales jobs are various, not everyone approaches their leads in the same way, or receives the same outcome from their approach. Every salesperson knows what works for them, until they don’t. What works doesn’t always work and this can be frustrating.

The three hardest parts that stood out to us the most were:

  1. Juggling multiple high-priority tasks – “When everything feels like the highest priority”
  2. Time management – “The hardest part of my day is time management”
  3. Sticking to timelines – “Keeping myself accountable to completing certain tasks during a certain time frame”

These three stood out to us the most because although we works in sales, we also work in digital marketing. And for us, using our time wisely is of the essence. It’s important for us to stay on task and be productive in order to not fall behind.

This can really be said about any job. Running behind or being a procrastinator only makes things harder for yourself in the long run. Keeping track of everything you must do will help you steer clear of deadlines and ahead of the game.

We’ve found that the best way to juggle multiple high priority tasks and use your time efficiently is to make a list of everything you need to complete, and keep it updated. When you have a clear idea of everything you need to accomplish, and by when, you can make an organized list of which comes first and meet all your deadlines. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than an entirely crossed off to-do list.

Working in sales is busy, and using your time efficiently can help you close more deals. But these three job difficulties arise in any job, and the best way to keep from stressing is to stay on top of everything you need to get done.


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