Direct Mail: The Right Way to Do It

Direct mail is just as important for your company as digital marketing, but harder to do right. Direct mail is any marketing piece that is mailed out instead of pushed digitally. It goes straight to the consumer through snail mail, and then directs the customer either to your website or your storefront.

Most print marketing pieces must make an impression within the first thirty seconds of being seen, or they’ll go straight to the trash. How many pieces of mail do you get that are thrown away before you even read them? We know of lots.

It’s important to make your direct mail pieces effective, because they’re often more costly and more time consuming.

A recent blog post on Hubspot, “The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail”, reviews how to properly get the right pieces in front of the right people to increase revenue.

“Buyers are currently bombarded with emails. People received 121 emails per day on average, meaning you have to work incredibly hard to cut through the noise and win a response.

In contrast, six in 10 people enjoy checking their physical mailbox. It has an “emotional connection”; plus, there’s the excitement of seeing if you got anything good. When’s the last time you were jazzed about checking your inbox?” – Aja Frost, Hubspot

Direct mail is the less common form of marketing. Email marketing occurs much more often because it is the cheaper route. Emails are easily deleted though. And even though direct mail is just as easily thrown away, the recipient has to pick it up to throw it away instead of just clicking a box. When the recipient’s inbox is full of email marketing campaigns, your company’s can get lost in translation.

The best way to make a direct mail marketing piece stand out is to give something to the consumer. Whether it be a an eye-catching image, a sample of a product, or a thought provoking line, making your direct mail piece stand out will prevent it from heading straight to the trash. Any piece of direct mail marketing the customer gets to interact with instead of just read will grab the attention of the recipient for long enough to make them notice your brand.

Be creative with the pieces you’re sending out, and you’ll capture the attention of your potential customer. Direct mail is more expensive, but can bring in more revenue. Don’t waste precious marketing dollars, if you do direct mail, make sure to stand out and you’ll be sure to bring in more revenue.

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