How To: Use Instagram Stories to Bring In New Customers

If you’ve kept up with social media, then you should know that Snapchat has a story feature, a feed where you can share a picture or video for all of your followers to see for twenty four hours. Instagram and Facebook both have the same feature for their users.

Instagrammers all over are using the story feature to build their following, engage with followers, and bring more traction to their websites helping them build their client base. How do they do it?

In the current story feature, you can use hashtags and location settings to share your story with viewers who look up that location or that story. You can also have your followers or your customers post to their stories with your store front location or a hashtag that relates to your business. This will bring in new viewers from near and far, building up your current following to get you more business. You can also be shared on Instagram’s recommended page when you have enough viewings on your story.

Posting to your story frequently will keep you at the top of Instagram’s new algorithm. The more you connect with other instagrammers, the more likely your images are to show up in other’s feed. It’s important to maintain a high rank in Instagram’s new algorithm so that your posts don’t go unseen.

Instagram offers a “Swipe Up” feature in their stories that you can link to any website. Many companies will post a product and tell the viewer to swipe up and shop it, or swipe up and read a blog post relating to it. Bringing more traction to your website boosts your SEO and gets you higher ranked in Google searches.

Instagram’s live story feature allows you go to live as you discuss products, showcase an event, or just give a tour of the office. This feature allows your viewers to view your brand in live time, making your brand appear more transparent and real. The live story viewers can comment, ask questions, and interact with the live story, creating a space for your customers to directly ask you questions in real time.

The last way to utilize Instagram stories to build your business is by doing polls. In the sticker section of the edit mode you’ll find a poll sticker where you can put two options. These options are a place for you to see which products your customers like best, giving you a better idea of what really sells.

Use the tools you have at your fingertips to build your brand. The features are there for a reason, take full advantage of using them to boost your sales and bring in more revenue.

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