Dealing With Difficult Customers?

Business is defined as: 1. A person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade. 2. The practice or making one’s living by engaging in commerce. What makes a business a business is selling their product or products, otherwise there would be no revenue coming in. Without revenue, a business is no longer a business. Every business needs a customer base, and these customers are not always the easiest to deal with.

While some customers are great, you may even say they’re the reason you do business, others are not so great. Most difficult customers show their unhappiness with you and your company through physical communications, like yelling, grunting, or asking to speak to a manager. While these frustrations may come from a mishap with the business, sometimes they stem from external forces and just get taken out on you. Either way, the most important aspect is reversing the situation, and turning an unhappy customer back into a happy one.

A recent blog on Hubspot, “How to Deal with Difficult Customers”, stated seven ways to turn the situation around and deal with difficult customers. Here’s our top three.

  1. Don’t listen to respond, listen to reflect

When a customer tells you an issue they have with your company, reflect on what they said. If they say, “I’m angry because you messed up my order and now I have to wait for a new order,” say “So, what you’re saying is that you’re frustrated because we made a mistake and you have to wait for us to fix it, is this correct?” This will make your customer feel understood and will give them the space to clearly open up about the issue.

  1. Go into every situation with a new mind

If you judge your customer, or their situation, to be like any other before, you automatically create a scenario for how it will play out. This isn’t fair to your customer because not every situation will be the same. If you go into every difficult situation with a beginner’s mind, you won’t assume that it will be a certain way, and can react to the situation as it should be handled.

  1. Recognize that anger is normal

Everyone gets angry every once a while, you can’t please everyone. Once you realize that it is impossible to make every person happy with your business, it will be easier to work through the situation. Resolving a tough situation with a difficult customer can only work if you assure them you understand their frustration and will do your best to resolve it.

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