How To: Get Your Customers to Market For You

Many companies are building their customer base by getting their customers to market for them. They accomplish this by doing good business and creating a loyal customer base. Loyal customers are more likely to rave about your products because they stay true to their favorite brands and they see the benefits of using your products over any other company. There are many ways to market your brand, but getting your customers to help you by spreading the word will save you marketing dollars and reach a broader audience.

In order to get your customers to spread the word about your company, you have to give them an incentive. Many customers who love your products will want to share the results they’re seeing! Once you know your products are worth sharing, you can start using the following avenues to reach more customers.

  1. Social Media Influences – Getting them to promote your product

Social media influencers are those accounts with mass amounts of followers. Many of these accounts have a huge follower base that actually listen to the advice they see on the influencer’s page. If you can get one of these accounts to promote your product, there’s a high chance their followers will buy your products.

2. Yelp Reviews – Getting your customer to leave positive reviews

If you have a customer that loves your product, get them to write a Yelp review. Many potential customers who are unsure of using your product will look to your Yelp page to see what others thought of your company. If you have lots of great reviews, you’ll be more likely to gain more sales.

3. Telling Their Friends – Getting your customers to spread the word

When your customers love your brand, they’ll tell all their friends about it. And if your customers get compliments on your products they’ll be sure to share where they got it! Spreading the word is the best way to build your base of loyal customers!

4. Small Businesses Promoting Small Businesses – Getting other small companies to promote your brand to their customers

If you can connect with other small businesses that work well with yours, or are similar to yours, you can reach out to them about doing a co-promotion. Like a gym and a nutritionist, they can promote the other brands services to their customers, getting the word out about both brands to different customer basis. This helps each small business grow, instead of compete with one another!

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