Spring Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Spring is here! The sun is shining a little brighter, people seem more energetic, and flowers are starting to bloom. Doesn’t spring make everything feel like it’s coming back to life? There’s just something about the sun coming back out that tends to brighten and liven everything right up, especially for us in the Pacific Northwest!

As spring begins to bloom, so should your business! This is your time to liven up your marketing efforts and make your business grow.

Each year many new marketing trends emerge to help businesses grow and attract new customers. As technology and social media advance so do the way companies use them to markets towards new and existing customers.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Social media is one of the very best ways to market your business and keep the cost of marketing low. Everyone you know uses social media in some form of another. It’s a great way for social media users to share pictures and comments on their major life events, products they love, or places they’ve recently been to. With so many individuals world wide using social media platforms to share snippets of their lives, social media has become one of the best places to get your brand out there.

A recent blog post on Hubspot talked about 5 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2018, we’re going to share our favorite three with you.

  1. Messaging Apps Will Be Used For Customer Communications

Many companies are starting to use apps like Facebook Messenger to host communications between the company and the customer. It’s a great place to offer 24/7 customer service that is easy and convenient for the customer who is more than likely already using the app to communicate with other people.

  1. Virtual Reality Is Being Used In Advertising

Companies are giving an insider look into their production process, customer relations, and upcoming products by using virtual reality. Virtual reality gives the viewer the feeling that they are in another realm where they can see the products being designed or experienced by other customers. This intense connection to the product or the company creates pathos for the customer.

  1. AI Will Integrate Technology Use and Advertising

You can use products like Amazon Alexa to order products using only your voice. These products listen to your voice to help you do things like play music, read your Twitter feed, and now they even help you place orders for more products. With the right commands, companies are only a step away from making their products extremely easy to purchase.

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