The Difference Between Meta Tags & Keywords

Having a beautifully designed website won’t bring you traffic unless you properly use keywords and meta tags. These are what make your website rank in search engines. If your website is at the very end of a search list, it will be surpassed by all the websites that show up before it. In order to drive traffic to your website and rank high in search engines, you have to know the difference between meta tags and keywords, and how they make your website rank in each search.

Meta tags are a key set of tags that are invisible to the viewer. These meta tags provide information about the website.

Keywords are words or phrases that are viewable by the viewer. They’re common words and phrases that are seen multiple times on a webpage.

These two terms are a key part of building and designing any website. They are what make the website’s search engine optimization strong.

Meta tags are built into the coding of the website and are found by the search engine crawlers. These words are used to provide key information on what the website is about, when it gets updated, and what information is useful for viewers searching for websites similar to it. Different meta tags will bring up different websites in search engines, so it’s important to make sure you use meta tags that correlate to what will attract customers to your website.

Meta tags have subcategories. These subcategories are called sub tags, and they can vary depending on what they are for. The sub tags can be meta language tags, meta keyword tags, meta description tags, meta robot tags, or meta title tags. The most important of these are the meta title tags, meta keywords tags, and meta description tags.

Keywords are words and phrases that can be found many times throughout the website. These words need to be continuously placed throughout a website so that they define what the website is about. Keywords can be words or phrases relating to the website, and often times include the name of the company and the main products the company sells. Keywords should be no longer than 875 characters, and phrases should not be repeated word for word.

Together the use of metatags and keywords will boost your search engine optimization and make your website appear at the top of search engine searches. A great website won’t stand out unless it ranks high on a search engine, so make sure to optimize your use of keywords and phrases.


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