How To: Create Brand Uniformity

A recognizable brand is one that is uniform in all aspects, the colors, the theme, the fonts, the image. It’s all consistent. Whether your brand is bright and bubbly, modern and simple, or bold and dark, your products must match your company image in order to attract your target customers.

Big brands like Apple, Target, and Starbucks all excel at brand uniformity. And they attract a wide range of customers because of it. These companies know what their brand represents, and they know how to make that sell. Each company has one uniform color, a consistent theme, and a logo to match. Properly combining these three aspects helps these brands stay unified.

“If you keep changing that message, the message itself never has time to really take hold in the mind.” – Derrick Daye,

When consumers see a million pieces of marketing a day, the brands that tend to stick out are the ones that are consistently presented to them day after day, moment after moment.

In order to keep your brand consistent, you must:

  1. Decide what your brand is all about and who you target customer is

In order to know what your brands theme should be, you must decide what your brand stands for, and which type of clientele you’d like to reach. Some brands stand for cleanliness, so they want their brand to look and feel clean. Some brands stand for excitement and high quality products, so they want their brands theme to be bold.

  1. Come up with the theme you want your brand to represent

Are you bold and bright? Are you dark and minimalistic? Are you soft and pastel? What colors and design aspects do you want to represent your brand? Whatever your theme is, it must match what your company stands for.

  1. Decide on the colors and fonts to represent your theme

Certain colors and fonts evoke different feelings. If your brand is soft and girly you might want to use a cursive font with light colors and a lot of white. If your brand in bold, you might want to use a big blocky text and bright colors.

  1. Create your logo and website

Now that you have your colors and fonts picked out, you can incorporate both into your logo and website. Besides your company name, your logo is what represents your brand the most. It will be on everything, so make sure it is the perfect representation of what you want your brand to stand for.

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