Productivity Killers: Does Your Office Have This One?

In order to earn maximum revenue, your office and your staff must be as productive as possible. If your staff is inefficient, you run the risk of slowing down production and or sales rates and lowering your maximum revenue. Your company is only worth as much as you make it worth. Do you know that many offices have hidden productivity killers that slow down their employees performance? You can’t expect your employees to be in top shape if their surroundings are not in top shape.

Many productivity killers have to do with the office, the way it is set up, and the energy is gives to the employees.

A recent blog on Hubspot, “Your Biggest Office Space Productivity Killers and How to Avoid Them” reviewed the biggest office space productivity killer. They say it is an open office space.

Open office spaces have been said to increase collaboration and decrease the cost of renting the office. According to the article, this is not always the case. Having an open office space can create more chaos and less productivity among the office employees.

When employees are all close together in the same space, it is much easier for them to get distracted by one another. Employees who prefer to work in quiet settings will be distracted by the noise created by their coworkers around them, and they won’t be able to concentrate or work as hard as they would in solitude.

Open spaces also give employees more opportunity to talk, and not about work related topics. They can look over to their coworker sitting next to them and as the conversation gets going they’ll lose track of the work they’re supposed to be doing. If they were in their own office, they wouldn’t be able to have open communication with the peers close to them.

Many employees also thrive in their own space. When they personalize their office to be the most productive for them, they have their own space to do work on a daily basis. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re surrounded by so many others in a space you can’t quite personalize.

If you can afford it, providing each employee or department with their own space, instead of having an open office, will increase the productivity of the entire office. Boosting your employees performance, as well as increasing your maximum earned revenue. Give your employees their personal space, and watch how well they thrive.


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