Reaching Generation Z

We thought Millenials were hard to reach, but have you tried reaching Generation Z? Generation Z is the most technology saturated generation there is yet. All they know is technology and life through the internet. As phones are given to children at younger and younger ages, they learn to overlook most things being thrown their way, because they have to.

Think about how many messages you receive on a daily basis, it’s hard to filter what is important, and what’s not. And most of the information you receive actually pertains to you and your life, like politics, advertising, and the media. Many of today’s youth are too young to decipher the important information from what’s not important, so they just focus on what’s interesting to them.

The best way to reach Generation Z is to appeal to their interests, just like any other form of marketing, but remember that they aren’t interested in what you’re interested in.

A recent blog on Hubspot, “Marketing to Gen Z: What Everyone Over the Age of Thirty Ought to Know”, talked about the best ways to reach Generation Z.

In their blog post, Natalie Smithson says, “A recent study from Google found that teenagers want brands to be ‘a representation of their values, their expectations of themselves and their peers.’”

Generation Z needs to connect with the brands they shop from in order to want to shop from them. If they don’t feel that the brand represents what they stand for, they won’t want to support the brand. We live in an age where the brand’s popularity doesn’t necessarily matter as much as what the brand represents. The youths views on one another are based on who they are and what they represent, so this generation won’t support brands that don’t coincide with the image they want to portray to the world.

Especially with the growth of brand influencers. Most of the youth we see in Generation Z want to have social media accounts with mass followings where they promote brands and their interests. This is a great way to let your brand market itself, but if your brand is not something this generation wants to represent, you won’t find your brand while scrolling through their feed.

Marketing to Generation Z is not the same as marketing to any generation before. You have to beat the mass amounts of information and brands being thrown their way, and stand out by appealing to what they want to portray themselves as.


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