How To: Get Your Customers To Refer You

The best way to make business off the business you already have is to ask for referrals. Customers trust people they know, and if they’re referred to you by a colleague, they’ll be more likely to buy your product as well!

It’s not as always easy to ask for a referral, but every time you have a positive interaction with a customer, it should go like this:

Sales Person: “Thank you for being a loyal customer. Do you have and tips you can give me on my customer service..?”

Customer: “No, thank you for all of your help today!”

Sales Person: “Thank you! Since your experience went to well, do you have anyone you can refer me to that might benefit from this product as well?”

Asking for a referral from every happy customer will guarantee that you gain more loyal customers. Your customers won’t refer you to their peers unless they really love your company, and as word spreads, so will all of those peers. Sticking true to your brand, your customer service strategy, and asking for referrals will help you grow your business quickly.

Asking for a referral won’t always happen from a happy customer, and it shouldn’t. If you give a great sales pitch to a potential customer who really just won’t benefit from your product but loved your customer service, ask them for a referral! If that potential customer can’t benefit from your product, they’ll most likely know someone who will. Try saying, “I can see why this product won’t work for you, do you know anyone who could benefit from this product?” If they enjoyed talking to you, and they know someone, they’ll definitely refer them.

One last way to grow your book of business is by offering a referral program. By offering a referral program, you give your customers an incentive to refer a friend. Many companies doing this by offering 10% off a purchase or gifting them a free product, this benefits them as well as you. They get a free product or service discount, and you gain a new customer. It’s a win-win situation.

Asking for referrals is possible, especially with happy customers who love your customer service. They’ll be satisfied with what they get out of being a customer of your business, so they’ll want all of their peers to be too! Never forget to ask for a referral, you don’t know how many new customers it may bring you.


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