How To: Keep Your Employees Productive When It’s Summer

Summer is here and the sun is out, which is why your coworkers want to be outside as well. It’s hard to get your employees to be thoroughly engaged with their work when they’re daydreaming about having fun in the sun. Your employees want to be enjoying the sun as bad as you wanted the sun to come back. Living in the Pacific Northwest means we don’t see the sun from what seems like September until May, and that’s a long time to not be out in the sun. When the sun comes back out, how do you keep your employees more focused on their work and less focused on the world around them?

Holding Contests for the Employees

Putting the employees in competition with one another is a great way to keep your employees engaged in their work, especially in a sales field. When the employees have to compete with one another to win a prize, they’ll want to perform their best and produce the best results. Employees that strive to do their best, even if it means they win a prize, will stay productive in their work and do the best they can. At Tablio, we reward our employees with a trip to Catalina Island in August.

Bringing In Treats or Awards

If you don’t feel like your employees competing against one another will be a beneficial way of getting them to compete for a prize, let them compete with themselves. When an employees works to meet a goal for a reward, they’re equally as likely to stay engaged with the work they are doing. Rewarding your employees things like a day off, a giftcard, or a raise will encourage them to work harder and meet their goal or deadline in order to redeem the prize at hand.

Creating Good Energy

When the work environment is fun and exciting, your employees will want to be there. Bringing in doughnuts or playing loud music are two great ways of increasing the energy in your office. Who doesn’t love a random dance party in between making sales calls? Although getting the job done must be taken seriously, work doesn’t have to be serious all of the time. When you make your office a place they look forward to coming to daily, you’ll make them excited and looking forward to coming to work everyday. When your employees want to be there, they’ll be more productive and produce higher results as well!


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