Starting a Business: Should You Do It?

So you want to start a business? Over half of us will eventually own, or try to own, some sort of business at least once in our lives. It’s the modern day American Dream, being able to work when you want, how you want, and at your own pay rate, but is it really that easy? Most small businesses fail within the first or second year.

A recent blog by The Balance Small Business, shared ten steps to starting a business, which seemed pretty easy. But are they really?

Those ten steps are:

  1. Do Your Research
  2. Make A Plan
  3. Plan Your Finances
  4. Choose A Business Structure
  5. Pick and Register Your Business Name
  6. Get Licenses and Permits
  7. Choose Your Accounting System
  8. Set Up Your Business Location
  9. Get Your Team Ready
  10. Promote Your Small Business

Does owning a business still seem like something you want to do? There’s a lot that goes into opening, and maintaining, a successful small business. You first need to create a business plan, then decide what budget your business needs in order to run properly, and finally get to the name deciding, licensing, and getting business permits. After you have your business plan, business name, and business license, you can finally look into store fronts or offices you may want to rent, look into hiring the right employees (a tough process all in itself), and start promoting your business.

Opening a successful business isn’t something you can just do overnight, unless you’re one of the lucky ones. It takes months of planning, lots of decision making, and more errors than you’d like to make, but eventually, with hard work and perseverance, it all works out. Opening a business is not for the weak, or the lazy, it takes lots of effort, strength, and dedication to open a business and make it be successful.

Are you still interested in opening a business? We hope so! Although opening a business is hard work, it can be one of the greatest ventures you ever make in your life. Owning a business, although difficult, can give you the freedom to do things your way, without working under someone else. Owning a business also creates the feeling of pride that stems from knowing your business gives your customers the experience they want, need, and love and drives your employees to be the best they can be. Tablio will be celebrating it’s third birthday this fall, and we’re so glad we took the chance of opening our doors, and arms, to our customers when we did.

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