Are You Using A/B Testing In Your Email Campaigns?

Automated email campaigns are a great way to remind your customers, and potential customers, to engage with your brand. If you aren’t already sending emails through an automated email software system, now is the time to start. Most potential customers don’t want to receive a generic email sent through Microsoft Office or G-mail. They’ll be more inclined to engage with emails that are vivid, full of images, and have links back to the website. Plus, most automated email system softwares provide analytics on things like open rates, unsubscribe rates, and the parts of the email that are most engaged with.

There are many automated email software platforms out there, Informz, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Bomb Bomb, the list goes on. All of these automated email platforms work in various ways, with their own special niches drawing businesses in, but they all have the same goal: to run automated email campaigns so your company is consistently sending well-crafted emails to your current and potential customers.

In most of these automated email platforms, the software allows for you to do A/B testing in your email campaigns. A/B testing is email software that allows the email designer to create two versions of the email they are sending out and send it to a select group of recipients to see which version of the email is reacted to better. Both versions of the email are dispersed to the small group of test recipients, and the version that sees the most traction is sent out to the remainder of the recipients.

A recent blog post by Vero, shows that the key metrics that are tracked are deliveries, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and conversions. Together, these metrics help the automated email platform determine which email version will create the most traction for the business, creating a bigger engagement from the email audience.

These platforms also let you create a control email, which is the version of the email that you prefer to be sent out, if the results come into a tie or neither email has stronger metrics than the other. This way, you get the final say in which email is sent out if both test emails see the same reaction.

Using A/B testing is a key part of running and maintaining automated email campaigns. Automated email campaigns can help your business maintain consistent and timely communication with your customers and potential customers to boost and retain sales. A/B testing will ensure your customers and potential customers receive the email most pertinent to them.