What Is A Blue Checkmark on Facebook?

Facebook has become one of the biggest forms of mass advertising to exist. It’s a social media platform that is used by over two billion monthly users. To reach the biggest audience, most brands are advised to use sponsored posts over social media, because these posts can be targeted using statistics found within the app to show the right ads to those most likely to purchase. Sponsored posts are paid for by the Facebook users so that their advertisement, or post, can be sponsored and boosted to reach the right target demographic.

Using this method of advertising gives you a higher return on your marketing dollar because more people use social media than they do anything else. As an avid sponsored post user, you’ll benefit from a somewhat new feature called “Page Verification”. A verified account is an account that appears to be more credible than your typical Facebook page.

Neil Patel said, “The main reason why they have these verifications out there is because there’s a lot of celebrities out there that are at risk of personalization, right? -impersonalization. So people are basically like building fake profiles and let’s say they build a fake Neil Patel profile and impersonated them, they’re at risk of doing that so having the blue check mark helps make it show who is the actual real one,” – Neil Patel, How to Get A Blue Checkmark On Social Media

The steps to verifying your account:

  1. Go to your settings and click “General”
  2. Once in settings, turn your page into a business page (if you don’t already have a business page)
  3. Your page will need to be up to date, have a steady following, and maintain up to date information
  4. In settings, click “Page Verification” and then “Get Started”
  5. Once you get started in the verification process, it will prompt you to enter your business number
  6. The business owner will receive a phone call on their business number with a verification code
  7. Enter the verification code and you’ll be verified

Now that you are verified, use it to your advantage. Being verified gives you more credibility as a business making you stand out far beyond unverified companies. Oftentimes, verification builds the feeling of trust prior to any customer interactions being made. This trust that is built through advertisement draws the customer in and makes them feel more at ease purchasing from a company verified by Facebook and other users. With a verified account and customer reviews, your Facebook will quickly become one of the best marketing tools you have.