The Best Ways to Utilize Our Digital Advertisements

Tablio has always been about bringing communities together digitally. As a company that strives to bring locals together, our digital advertisements are a great way for your brand to be seen by many in your local community.

We offer touch screen tablets to local restaurants to help smaller restaurants keep up with large corporations in the digital age. Tablio tablets offer games, web access, and social media apps so that local diners can stay entertained while waiting for their food. Touch screen tablets are a large hit with big brand restaurants, our goal of supplying them to smaller businesses is to give them the same opportunities as the big dogs.

On these tablets, local diners can display their menus, bar menus, or specials the restaurant is having. Our graphic design team will change these menu displays throughout the year so the restaurant reaps full benefit of being displayed digitally. These touch screen tablets display these menu advertisements in a scroll of other advertisements displaying local businesses.

For a local business owner, Tablio offers the opportunity to have your brand displayed across the tablets as they’re being used. Each advertisement either covers half of the screen or the full screen, is linked to the company’s website through a hyperlink, and is designed by our graphic design team with up to four changes yearly. The advertisements provided by Tablio are displayed in a rotating pattern ensuring each business is viewed by every restaurant patron. Many local businesses, from lawyers to floral boutiques, use Tablio advertisements to boost revenue locally. These companies use the four changes to adhere to the current season, product, or special the company is aiming to promote most.

It’s a win, win, win for all parties. Tablio tablets provide entertainment for the customers who are engaging with the restaurant, each other, and local brands all while waiting for the food. Restaurants can provide a quick access use to their Yelp page prompting the diner to leave a review and recommend the restaurant – and potentially your brand – to their acquaintances, bringing in more diners who will also see your advertisement. The local companies benefit because as each advertisement is viewed, another person is tempted to make a purchase from that customer or keep that brand in the back of their mind when they need a certain service.

The best thing a brand can do is put their face into their local community, the best thing we can do is help.