How To: Boost Monthly Revenue Using Free Advertising

Tablio understands… As a business owner, the most important aspect of your company is revenue. Without revenue, you don’t have a business. If your business is bringing in no money, you have no money to pay for utilities, product essentials, employees paychecks, rent, etc. Part of your net income goes to your marketing dollars, how you use those marketing dollars entirely directs the amount of income you’ll make. Great markets can bring in large revenue dollars with small marketing fees. Tablio believes the best way to optimize your marketing is to know your audience.

Know Your Audience

Depending on your brand vision, product quality, and customer service, your audience will fit into certain demographics. Each brand has their own target demographics more apt to promote and purchase from the company.

Save Marketing Dollars By Targeting Your Audience

Once you know your audience, or audiences, you can properly market to them. Understanding which marketing methods will attract which audience demographic will help your brand save money by using the right method and hitting each audience correctly. Marketing managers should know how to look at your analytics, recognize your target audience, and decide which marketing method is the best to use.

Picking The Best Marketing Method

Once you, or your marketing manager, has decided on which method they think fits which audience best, you can move forward in the marketing process. Marketing can be done digitally or through print, the option that works best for you will vary depending on the audience you aim to reach. Print marketing works best for reaching companies or clients in a localized area. Digital marketing works best for reaching broader audiences as it can be dispersed to more people at a quicker pace.  

Putting Your Marketing Into Motion

Print marketing is almost always more expensive than digital marketing, and offers less options. Digital marketing spreads quicker, takes less time to create and get out into media, and helps reach the biggest audiences. Print marketing requires printing and postage, which often cost more than a message that is spread across a screen. Digital marketing can be shared over the TV, internet, email, and social media.  

Dispersing Your Media

Once you’ve created your marketing materials and decided which will be sent where, you can disperse the media. Mailhouses or print shops can print and mail your print marketing pieces, often taking two weeks to get the marketing approved and mailed out. For digital media, you can launch your email campaign, push content onto your website, or schedule social media posts almost instantaneously.